Makeover Photo Shoot Giveaway

Are you a single mother? Juggling the daily task of wiping snotty noses, working a job, and keeping food on the table can be one hell of a task. Though I’m not a single mother,  I was raised in a single parent household. I believe every woman deserves to feel like the woman in the magazine as often as possible. That’s exactly what we plan to do.

How this works:

Wednesday, October 4th we will Open the link below at exactly 3PM for entries. The link will expire at 8PM (5 Hours Total)

25 Names will then be randomly drawn From which we will make a Page for Public voting.


  • 30 Years & Older
  • Single Mother
  • Indiana Resident
  • Available Sunday, October 29th Full Day
  • That’s it!

Registration Over. stay tuned for Voting

Meet the team making this happen!


Hair Stylist

Dalaun Brenae

Makeup Artist



Jay Goldz