Introduction to Lighting

Many find studio or flash photography and all the many aspects that come with it can be very intimidating. In this course, I cover everything you need to know to get started with Studio and Flash photography. We start with important camera settings required for flash photography, and then I break down the  different types of flash that can be used,  as well as modifiers. Each attendee will get to work hands on with their personal camera and a professional model. By the end of the workshop you will have beautiful images to add to your personal portfolio and all knowledge to head out and do this on your own.

Requirements:  DSLR camera, SD card and of course a charged battery.

The cost of this course is $200  which includes a $100 Deposit. 

What you will Learn:
  • Important Camera settings

  • Continuous light vs flash

  • Light Modifiers

  • Hard light vs soft light

  • Positioning light

  • reflectors and bounce

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In my one on one courses, you get a direct hands on approach to an abundance of techniques. My goal is to better prepare you for any situation.

  • Studio Lighting & Photography

  • On Location Photography

  • Retouch/Editing

  • Understanding you Camera

In this one on one course I cover more extensive lighting scenarios. One will learn how to work with one light, two lights, and up to three lights, and use what they’ve learned to build with more lights in use different situations.

We also touch adding color to light scenery/ or subjects.


Tutorial Coming Soon

Tutorial Coming Soon